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Boost your brain!

Remember Newton's Law - an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Tweak this theory to apply to your mind, and you will be able to have a mental quickness that improves with age, and bring on the onset of wisdom instead of the "wondering-where-you-left-your-keys?" syndrome.

Exercise your mind and indulge in mental challenges, by learning SMART Academy Soroban an intellectually stimulating Mental Arithmetic programme. Doing number puzzles or completing difficult mental tasks stimulate the regeneration of nerve endings in the brain. Keep counting, keep thinking and you'll keep your wits about you as you age.

This programme is specially designed for matured learners who missed out the opportunities of learning the mental arithmetic skills in the early years, but are interested in uncovering the myths of the abacus and at the same time, in acquiring the great benefits the abacus can offer. It is never too late for one to acquire these skills so as to improve one's memory, concentration and mental power.


SMART Life Academy !

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