Soroban Mental Arithmetic Training is an internationally recognized programme, operating in 40 different countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Germany, Hungry, Japan, China, Singapore, Canada, Malasya, India, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey , Philippines, Korea and more than five million students had amazing benefits out of it since its inception.



SMART Academy advocates the use of Soroban in Mental Arithmetic as a result of research findings which showed that if both the right and left brains are stimulated together, the balanced growth will enhance your child's intelligence, ability to calculate complex arithmetic, concentrate better and longer, respond better and improve your child's memory and imaginative skills.



Soroban International competetion

7th PAMA international competition host by Soroban Education Centre.7th Pan Pacific Abacus And Mental Arithmetic International Competition host by Soroban Education Centre ( Singapore ) As the host country of 11 countries.


  • Experiment on“The Combination of three Types of Arithmetic”, The Development of Brain Potentiality, Raise of Primary Students’ Mathematic Ability

    In Americ more and more universities set up imaginary thinking course a and the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of these typical universities. It is good to develop the right brain with imaginary thinking, but how to communicate with right and left hemispheres of human-brain? / by By Mr. Jiang Jialong, Liupanshui City, Guizhou

  • SMART Life Academy !

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