SMART Academy

Skaraborgsvägen 3A,
506 30 Borås,
Tel:+46 (0) 73 690 76 56
Email: info@smartakademi.se


Students who may qualify to enrol in the Preschool programme should at least, be able to understand, read and write 0-9. A diagnostic test is given to the child to determine their readiness for the SMART Academy programme.

The programme aims to familiarise the preschooler with the concepts of SMART Academy 's Soroban Mental Arithmetic Brain developement program, and basic arithmetic formula of subtraction and addition. Once they complete this programme, the students can be expected to do simple additions and subtractions of a series of numbers.

With practice, the student's mental calculation skills will develop. In the advanced classes, the Soroban is withdrawn from the child and they are trained to visualise an " FLASH ANZAN- 暗算" to perform different types of mathematical calculations mentally. By this stage, students will have develop skills that allows them to do mental calculations amazingly fast just by looking at the numbers.


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