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This programme is open to primary students from "BASIC KYU I" and higher. The programme starts with the basic foundation course in a fun way where the concepts, methodology, usage of the Soroban and the fingering movements of beads using both hands simultaneously are introduced. Thereafter, the course progresses to the next higher levels.

The next higher levels will introduce the use of formulas and Soroban skills learned in basic level to project an imaginary Soroban in the student's mind. Numbers will be visualised as beads of the Soroban in the student's mind. With practice, the student's mental calculation skills will develop. In the advanced classes, the Soroban is withdrawn from the child and they are trained to visualise an " 暗算- FLASH ANZAN " to perform different types of mathematical calculations mentally. By this stage, students will have develop skills that allows them to do mental calculations amazingly fast just by looking at the numbers.


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