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Email: info@smartakademi.se

What is SMART Academy franchising system?


Whether you're a prospective business owner who's looking for a franchise or enthusiastic motivated entrepreneurs with sound financial and business qualifications. If you have a strong desire to influence the lives of others, to motivate learners, and to provide quality mental arithmetic education or have the capacity to manage a centre effectively under SMART Academy corporate supportwant and want to enjoy the benefits of working within an exceptional franchise system, your are welcome to SMART Academy Franchising system.


SMART Academy Franchising Sysetem provides you a route into business. By purchasing a franchise, new business owners are able to avoid enduring the learning curve of operating a new business by taking advantage of a proven business model and service. It’s an opportunity to be in business for yourself but not by yourself.



Why invest in a SMART Academy franchise?


SMART Academy provides an ideal business package with offering lower risks for investors who intend to set up businessof their own, because:


  • Territorial protection
  • Support service from the franchisor.
  • Location analysis and consultation from the franchisor.
  • Lower personal investment.
  • Established trademark and recognized brand.


We now invite interested and qualified persons or corporations to join us as Franchisee in various parts of the country.




What you can expect from SMART Academy:


SMART Academy has an extensive support network in place to assist our authorised centres in conducting the mental arithmetic programme. Our supporting arm consists of a team of professional staff who are experienced in marketing, education, technology, finance, and administration, and will render invaluable customer care service.

The principal office will fully support and advice our franchisees on the following :


  • In-depth training and assistance to get you off to a fast start
  • Initial curriculum and development of new curriculum to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.
  • Sharing of business planning, pricing and staffing to build your own SMART Academy centre.
  • Sales and customer service
  • Promotion & Marketing materials.


The SMART Academy Franchise package also includes:


  • Professional teacher's training
  • Curriculum content and implementation guides
  • Learning material
  • Classroom design and organisation
  • Professional advisory services


SMART Academy works closely with authorised centres in helping them establish their centre in the most advantageous location and in sharing with them the systems to run the centre productively, efficiently, and effectively. Interested entrepreneurs will be offered the opportunity to establish and operate an authorised centre with minimal initial investment.


We will provide you with on going professional support that you can depend on for the growth of your business.



Investment :


  • With lower risk investment, you can own and operate your own business.


  • You will receive comprehensive training, supply of goods and services, education seminar/preview, newsletter, territory protection, annual conference.




SMART Academy Franchising Opportunities for:


  • Individuals who have entrepreneurial interests of setting up businesses with minimum investment that yields good returns.

  • Individuals who have a passion for education and who believe that education should be made available and accessible to everyone worldwide.

  • Individuals who see education as an important service to humankind and who wish to be involved directly in creating generations of youth who will influence the world in positive ways.

  • Individuals who love to teach and wish to make a profitable and fulfilling career in education.

  • Individuals who want to have an honourable livelihood that is mentally, emotionally and socially fulfilling.


How To Join Us As Franchisee:


For local and global franchising; Contact us to apply and you are welcomed to a brief introduction about our franchise business opportunity at the principal office. Appointment must be made at least 7 days before to the visit.

Contact us for further information at the following address:

Email : franchise@smartakademi.se