SMART Academy has gained wide popularity among children and parents world over, because of its unique advanced syllabus and play way method of teaching, coaching and training in a children friendly technique and style. SMART Academy conducts International Grading Examinations to the students of Soroban annually.


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we all know physical exercise is important to keeping our bodies fit.
But how important is physical exercise to your brain?
SMART Academy Mental Arithmetic
is a proven unique program for children in the field of numerical computational skills in Arithmetic. This enhances the children's learning ability and enables them to do calculations mentally without the aid of any external tools like calculator, soroban, paper pen etc. Children are able to calculate with speed and accuracy using their own mental power. The program is imparted by certified and qualified teachers who aim to provide a fun filled and interactive learning environment.

Soroban Mental Arithmetic is an internationally recognized program operating in 27 different countries including USA, Australia, Spain, Canada, Japan, Singapore, China and South Korea; more than 5 million students got amazing benefits out of it since its inception.A research conducted of late by Japanese Medical Research team revealed that Soroban education immensely helps children in brain development and enhance performances in every school subject.

The student who masters arithmetic on the soroban has a definite advantage when compared to traditionally instructed students. For starters, they will have a concrete, rather than abstract sense of numbers and their relationships. They will have a firm understanding of the decimal system and place-value. They will gain competence with large numbers and complex calculations quickly and in most cases far out-perform their traditionally-instructed peers! With practice and proper tutoring, students as young as five-years-old, can add and subtract multi-digit sums.


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